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Boiler Servicing

At Barrow and Brooks we don't just offer commercial boiler servicing but a complete plant room service so that all of your heating equipment is kept in the best condition possible.  Provide preventive maintenance and find faults before they turn into a serious breakdown.  We can provide full support of your pumps, booster sets and pressurisation equipment, it is these components that can often breakdown and damage other equipment such as your boilers that can increase your repair costs.  Zone Valves and mixing valves are often overlooked and will keep your system run very efficiently, if these are not checked correctly , the system will often still run but you will use more gas, oil or other fuels used in your system .

Our fully trained staff can service your boiler and plant room and we can also support your BMS requirements with our BMS Partners who can keep your Trend, Siemens or what flavour of building management system you have installed.